Career management

  • Do you feel you are not meeting your potential in your current role?
  • Are you frustrated in your job?
  • Do you want to get more recognition for your efforts at work?
  • Do you want to progress faster with your employer?

We can provide you with an effective career management consultancy service. We work with you to develop your self-understanding, explore your options and to plan a clear way forward. We ask questions to clarify your thoughts and use tailored tools and techniques to help you to develop and realise your potential. We draw on the latest research into career transitions to help you to maximise your chances of achieving your career objectives.

Coaching aims

We can help you to:

  • Develop your self-understanding:
    • Develop a clear and detailed understanding of your strengths, interests and passions, motivations, personal development aims, personality preferences and desired future lifestyle
    • Focus on your unique selling points
    • Understand how you can develop by building on your strengths and building transferable skills
    • Explore your longer-term vision and your personal view of success
    • Find out about the factors at work that are most linked to job satisfaction
    • Address any psychological/practical blocks to progressing faster in your career
  • Explore your options:
    • Consider how you can align your personal goals with your organisation's goals
    • Find out ways of raising your profile within your organisation
    • Identify opportunities to enhance your current role
    • Identify alternative career options within and outside your organisation
    • Identify various ways to develop your understanding of your options
    • Evaluate the options through research and experimentation
  • Plan a clear way forward:
    • Understand how your behaviours and actions can maximise your chances of success
    • Put together an action plan to achieve your goals

Have a look at Our Approach for more information on how we work.

Coaching process

The number of meetings depends on your particular circumstances. We offer a complimentary 20-30 minute discussion, after which we will propose a coaching plan. Typically we recommend four to five meetings of 1½ - 2 hours to work through the career management process. Individual two-hour sessions are available if you want to focus on one part of the process (such as action planning). Sessions may be face-to-face or by telephone, with email support between sessions.