Client testimonials

We have worked with many individuals from a wide range of professional and managerial backgrounds. Examples of client feedback are given below:


Julianne was exceptional at channelling my needs for a future job role. She was a great listener and also helped me to make the right decision whilst still keeping options open for different areas in the workplace. I learnt a lot about myself and what I have to offer which has boosted my confidence and has now set me on a great path to work in an area that ticks all my boxes. Julianne has kept me focused, motivated and self-reliant. I will recommend her to anyone who is struggling to find a career that fulfils his or her needs.

Emma has helped me make a monumental change in my career and look at my life and skill set with fresh eyes. She was inspirational when I needed her to be most.

Julianne helped me to focus my thoughts on my next career step. I was confused and scared to make a decision that I would regret later on. Thanks to Julianne I got to know myself better and learned to articulate what really mattered to me on a professional and personal level. Now I am confident that I will not regret my choice.

"I have benefited significantly from Emma's coaching. Not only has she helped me become a better leader by helping me pinpoint my strengths and opportunities to improve, but also by helping me clarify my ideal professional future. Our sessions and practical tasks were an enjoyable process of self-discovery. I would recommend Emma to anyone looking to become a more rounded senior executive or to define their future career path.

Julianne is the consummate professional with deep experience in getting to the key drivers of career success. She will help you to uncover your true professional self and to unearth what you really should be doing with your time. First class.

Julianne was incisive, insightful, sympathetic, practical and action-oriented.  She acknowledged my proven ability in the ‘how’ of change and therefore focused on the ‘what’.  I felt our discussions were totally bespoke and tailored to my requirements, rather than programmatic.

The career coaching I received was invaluable to my career change. Julianne did not push ideas on me, she helped them come out from within. The sessions increased my confidence and made me realise the importance of working in a field I enjoy.

 The coaching helped to give me a new vocabulary to describe myself and translate my emergent thoughts into something that was more concrete and clearer for me. It made me more aware of my values and beliefs and the importance of aligning these to my professional life. Julianne also challenged some of my own preconceptions and prejudices and helped me to recognise them and start to challenge them myself. This kind of insight and challenge is extremely valuable feedback. 

The coaching has enabled me to learn more about myself by identifying where my strengths lie, how I enjoy or don’t enjoy working as well as what appeals or doesn’t appeal to me. It’s enabled me to know myself better and now I can plan my development in a way which will enable me to succeed in reaching my goals. Julianne put me easily at ease and understood the message I was trying to put across when I couldn’t find the right words to convey it!

At the outset of the coaching programme, I wanted to take a step back and confirm my longer-term (5-10 year) career strategy, then define the immediate, practical next steps that would take me in that direction.  Both objectives were achieved. Through the programme, I was able to structure and prioritise my emerging thinking, and Julianne was able to stretch that thinking even further, providing very valuable input. Julianne is a great coach, able to be both approachable and challenging.  The questions and exercises we went through felt very relevant and appropriately tailored to my situation – I never felt like this was a ‘cookie cutter’ coaching process.  At the end of each session, I felt like progress had been made.  I was challenged to move from options to decisions at the right moments, and was supported to reject options that were a less good fit.  I don’t think I would have had the ability to ‘cut through the fog’ and focus on one option without the support of the coaching. Also, by the end, I felt much more positive about pursuing this future direction, the reasons for making a change being defined more of as a ‘pull’ towards an attractive future rather than a ‘push’ from a less rewarding present situation!"

After spending 15 years in the same company and finding myself in a career ‘dead end’ working with Julianne made me realise my value, unlock my potential and give me a new way to look at the world. All of her models are relevant and based on research. And what's more she is a really nice person to work with."

The coaching programme helped me identify an activity which I can pursue – initially in parallel with a full time job and then potentially expanding to sit alongside a less than full time job. I would never have arrived at the outcome I did without Julianne’s help and experience. She also helped me validate some of the potential barriers to doing this so that I am not just jumping in unprepared but doing it in a considered manner with some back up options if it does not work out."

Julianne was my touchstone through a difficult transition period through her ability to challenge my thinking and help me to understand my strengths and my abilities. The coaching programme has strengthened my confidence and has resulted in me securing a job that was written for me (focusing on my strengths) with a salary more than double that of my last position. More importantly, the coaching has given me the strength to make changes in the rest of my life. I do not believe I could have done this without Julianne’s encouragement and support."

Julianne helped me to discover my skills and strengths and most importantly in what environments I thrive. Having been very under confident about my next carer move she helped me to be sure of my strengths and helped me discover how I can use them. She helped me to see that I have key skills that compliment starting a business and that it isn’t just a pipe dream. Also she helped me to look outside the box and made me realise that you don’t have to just stick to the norm and be unhappy. After each session I felt inspired and more confident."

Julianne's ability to identify my key skills and offer creditable career alternatives has proven to be pivotal in my work life. The models she used to identify my passions in life and how they correlated to my work preferences helped me to isolate the core skills I excel in. Her guidance for my work preferences were never leading, her facilitation supported me to find a new industry to work in. My new employer utilises my key skills in a job I have great enthusiasm for. I credit Julianne's guidance as a major influence to my current success."

I got to a stage in my career where I wasn't quite sure whether I was in the right role or moving in the right direction and what my next steps might be. A friend recommended Julianne as someone who could help. We had a number of meetings during which she helped explore what I wanted out of my career, using a number of coaching techniques. She asked reflective and probing questions to help me to identify and appreciate my strengths as well as my development areas. We put together an action plan which focused on the next steps, as well as long term aspirations considering my newly gained understanding of my career and what I wanted to achieve. Julianne's professional and personalised approach helped me to understand and acknowledge my strengths. Since the coaching I feel I have a much clearer idea of what I want from my career, what my next steps are and I can now use my strengths in a more focused way and with confidence."


The coaching gave me the chance to spend time thinking and talking about my issues and I appreciated Julianne's empathetic listening to my thoughts. Her coaching style was very supportive, but professional, with an excellent combination of discussion and exercises. She encouraged me to talk about specific instances and to seek feedback from others. Thanks to the coaching, I have been able to achieve a much better balance between work and non-work activities. I have trimmed out a number of unnecessary tasks and focussed more on priorities: that has allowed me to spend less time on working and more time on other important things."

Julianne’s approach to career coaching was helpful to me in reassessing my career after an intuition-led career change was not successful. Not only did she help me to understand what skills I wanted to use in my next role, but also to assess other factors around my values and work life balance. I came away with a check list of things to look for, which was invaluable in helping me assess roles as they came up as well as in flagging the areas I may need to be wary of in my new role. I am returning to work confident, excited and ready to manage my career to take me where I want to be."

Career coaching was exactly what I needed to help me focus on what I wanted out of a career when I decided to return to work after a 10 year break. Getting the balance between family life and work and having a worthwhile, fulfilling career is never easy. Spending time with Julianne before taking this step in my life gave me the confidence to make a career change, re-train and ultimately take on a demanding and rewarding management role which still gives me time for my family."