Work-life balance

  • Do you want to be successful professionally and to enjoy a fulfilling life outside of work?
  • Are you a working parent who wants to enjoy both family and work time without feeling permanently exhausted?
  • Do you never have time for yourself or just to enjoy life because you're working too hard?

Work-life balance (or working equilibrium as we prefer to see it) is about having a rich and fulfilling life, both in and outside of work. As people are working longer hours and facing higher expectations of their performance at work, many employees are feeling out of balance. This is a key concern for both men and women and for single people as well as those with families.

Our coaches understand the challenges of integrating work and personal lives. We also appreciate the positive side - we can relate to psychology research which has found that having multiple life roles can be beneficial to us mentally and physically.

Balance is a very personal concept, which varies by individual and over time. There's much more to it than working a four day week. Being more balanced does not necessarily involve radical change; small changes can make a major difference to the quality of your life. We work with you to develop your understanding of what balance means to you and to see the range of possibilities open to you. We ask questions to facilitate your thinking and use tailored tools and techniques to help you to develop a more fulfilling and energising life. We draw on the latest research into work-life balance and job satisfaction to help you in this process.

Coaching aims

If you are looking to improve your work-life balance, we can help you to:

  • Develop your self-understanding:
    • Look at the roles in your life and how they conflict with and benefit each other
    • Understand how you are currently allocating your time, energy and attention and where you would like to make changes
    • Consider your personal definition of a successful life
    • Understand your values and priorities
    • Understand what factors push you out-of-balance and help you to regain your balance
    • Consider how effectively you are managing work-home boundaries
    • Identify and address any practical and psychological barriers to achieving better balance in your life
  • Explore your options:
    • Identify changes (small or larger, at work & home) you can choose to make that will have a significant impact
    • Understand different models of working, such as flexible working options and portfolio careers
  • Plan a clear way forward:
    • Put together an action plan of realistic steps to achieve greater balance

Have a look at Our Approach for more information on how we work.

Coaching process

The number of meetings depends on your particular circumstances. We offer a complimentary 20-30 minute discussion, after which we will propose a coaching plan. We recommend a minimum of four meetings of 1½ - 2 hours to clarify your thinking and feel ready to make changes. Sessions may be face-to-face or by telephone, with email support between sessions.